My aunt called me with this idea of having a lion cake for her birthday and if I would be willing to give it a try. Well I started with 1-1/2 sheet, 1-8’double round and a cupcake. I put the round in the middle and cut out the center of the 1/2 sheet (backwards I didn’t really need a double round, just a single but I didn’t see that at first). Cut out the shape of the mane, base iced the entire thing, cut the cupcake in half for the snout and made ears from left over pieces. I got them iced on to the cake hand drew the eyes but I used fondant circles for the center.

I thought I was finished then my daughter said “Oh it’s pretty but I think its missing something”. So I added the strings for the mane and it made it pop. My  aunt loved it and it was a succes at the party. Go Leo’s.