My son is addicted to Hot Wheels, and Matchbox cars and the Disney Movie Cars. I’ve always loved making cakes and birthday are no exceptions. After finding the Lighting McQueen cake pan at my local arts and craft store, all I needed was cake mix, frosting, icing tips and tubes of icing. I hate fondant, yea it makes for a pretty cake but it has no taste and you have to remove most of it just to get to the cake to eat, so I use either buttercream or can frosting to create all my cakes.

This Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake was done in about 3 1/2 hours with tubed icing and can frosting. I used leftover icing to create a winners circle and placed a Lighting McQueen candle on it for him to blow out. Needless to say my family was very impressed and my son, hooped and hollered and screamed when he saw it. He was so excited, as was my daughter who only trails him by 16 months, and was caught sticking her fingers in the frosting. I did use Wilton Baking Spray because the cake just plops out of the pan with no problems for easy cooling.