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Coolest Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake

My youngest son was fascinated with the movie “Cars” and asked me to please make him a Lightening McQueen Birthday Cake for his birthday. As he always takes a cake in to school to share, this was one he wanted, so he could show off mum’s efforts!

The pan was bought from Ebay and is one of the imprinted novelty pans. The cake itself was made using a golden butter cake packet mix, made to packet instructions. Icing is solite, a butter cream substitute that keeps well and tastes good. To make solite mixture, you’ll need 250g (1 cup) solite,(available from cake decorating supply shops) 500g pure icing sugar mixture and 2 tbs milk. Beat all together in a bowl until smooth, thick and creamy. Solite icing is pure white, so is preferred to butter cream made with regular butter, as it colors more accurately.

Divide the icing mixture into appropriate quantities and color each portion the required color. Pipe onto the raised sections of cake using a #16 star tip and outline using a #3 plain tip. All white sections are spread onto the cake using a spreading spatula. This cake took me 5 hours to ice, so is best made the day/night before you need it, unless your piping skills are advanced.

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