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Cool Homemade Lightening McQueen Cars Birthday Cake

I started this Lightening McQueen Cars birthday cake with a two layered rectangular chocolate mud cake , a steak knife and a toy car to look at /copy.  Off I began carving bit by bit , little by little …. until I was finally satisfied with the shape. I can tell you, I thought at many different moments oh, why oh why didn’t I just make something easier, you are just a mummy Renee , and way over your head, lol .

But I forwarded on, and it began to take shape, once the base fondant was layed, the exciting part of decorating took place. I knew my little guy Charlie , who was turning two the very next day was going to be excited once he sees Lightening McQueen and I just hoped he recognized who it was.

I was VERY happy with the final result of this cake , and I had one very happy excited little man. He had the best birthday ever! and all the leftover mud cake wasted from hours of carving, I turned into cake pops!