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Cool Homemade Lighthouse Cake

I made this Lighthouse Cake for my sister’s 20th Wedding Anniversary. She and her family are boaters and their daughter asked me to create a cake for the surprise party she is giving them. I drew the lighthouse on the cake using a ruler and piped the decor. The red is sparkle red gel from a tube and the white is just regular icing piped using the star tip.

I used crushed graham crackers to make the sand and the spray icing for the sky. The rocks are candy made to look like rocks that I purchased at a cake specialty shop. I also bought pre-made edible candy turtles and the purple octopi.

Almost everything is edible except the lobster, seahorse and fish. The cake itself is filled with cookies and cream filling that is out of this world and has a layer of both vanilla and chocolate cake. I had a great time creating this cake and look forward to enjoying tonight at the party! Happy Anniversary Donna and Glen. Thanks Carolyn for asking me to create this cake! It was fun.

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  1. Thanks for making this wonderful cake for our anniversary party! It was amazing looking and tasted great. It was a big hit!


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