Cool Homemade Lighting McQueen Cake

My nephew loves the movie Cars, and his favorite character is Lighting McQueen, so, I made him this Lightning McQueen cake.

It was kind of easy to do, because I used the Wilton Lighting McQueen cake pan. You could use any 2-layer cake mix. I actually make my cakes from scratch.

I really didn’t follow the instructions that came with the cake pan, I kind of did it my way. I used black piping gel to do the outline, the tires, and the number 95. Also used buttercream icing with tip #16 to do the stars that fill in the cake. I used the holiday red for the car color, orange for the lighting in the back tire, royal blue for the windows and eyes, lemon yellow for the lighting, all from Linnea’s Inc. gel food colors.

As you can see I kind of made some mistakes with the lighting, but my nephew loved his Cars theme party.

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