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Coolest Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

I am a stay at home mom, and I love to bake. I just started making Birthday cakes. I made this Homemade Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake for my 2 year old granddaughter. Yes, my granddaughter, she loves Lightning McQueen.

I baked two 9×13 sheet cakes and one 8×8 cake. I froze them overnight. Then frosted the layers together with butter cream frosting. Then I carved the shape of the car out by looking at one of my granddaughter’s toy cars.

I used small pieces of cake to build up the fenders on the front of the cake. And when I was happy with shape I iced the whole cake with butter cream frosting. I then covered it with a home made marshmallow fondant I made from scratch. I drew out the Decals by hand on a piece of paper to the size I needed and then cut them out of fondant and placed them on the car cake.

Then I used colored butter cream frosting to out line the decals. I am a firm believer that anyone can do what they want to do. I didn’t take any decorating classes. I went online and found basic how too’s on how to ice a cake smooth and how to make frosting, Fondant, and flower decorations, etc. I must say this takes patience but you can do it. There’s a lot of decorating ideas online. Just search the web. If I can do this you can too.

I hope this helps you in making the “Coolest Lightning McQueen Birthday Cakes” Thanks.

Homemade Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

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