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Coolest Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

I LOVE making cakes!! So when my nephew’s birthday rolled around I jumped at the chance to make this Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake! I started out with a 9″ round “Funfetti” cake(from Betty Crocker). After baking and cooling, I then frosted with a whipped vanilla frosting. I piped the outline of the road with black icing and filled it in with black colored sugar.

The finish line was made the same way… but I piped a checker pattern and filled in every other square with the sugar. To the left of the road I piped little checkered flags and sprinkled edible confetti. To the right of the road I used green colored sugar to create a grassy area and piped little patches of grass.

I used the same type of piping for the grass to create a border around the cake along with edible confetti. All I had to do was to place the characters and the cake was done! Everyone LOVED it, the birthday boy the most….that’s what really counts, right?!

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