Coolest Lightning McQueen Cake

I made this homemade Lightning McQueen cake for my cousin’s son’s 3rd birthday. I used Wilton’s Lightning McQueen pan, as well as a half sheet cake. I had some trouble seeing the lines on the car cake so some is free hand is some is following the imprints on the cake. If you can follow the Wilton directions and use a picture as a reference, this isn’t that difficult of a cake to make.

The bottom is a simple half sheet. I used one Betty Crocker yellow mix and one Betty Crocker chocolate mix to get the marbled cake they wanted. I used Wilton’s Black pre-made icing in a tube and made the checkerboard around the edges of the sheet cake. I dipped my finger in some water to smooth them out.

I placed the car toward the top because I wanted the “race track” to be along the bottom so I could write on the cake. I decorated the car while it was on top of the sheet cake, I didn’t think moving a decorated cake would be so easy! I finished the cakes off with tip #21 and put stars around the bottom of the car and sheet cake.

I had found some Cars candies so I placed a couple below the car for some added decoration. If I do it again, I would probably get some other cars from the movie and place them on the track.