Coolest Lion Cake

I made this Lion cake for my 10yr old, it’s very gooey and but really very easy to make,

I used a 10inch sponge cake, filled and lightly covered with ready made fudge filling, also 2 tubs of ready made chocolate cream icing for the mane and 1 pack of regal ice in teddy bear brown and a small amount of black, also a very small amount of white, and a black food colouring pen.

I rolled out the regal ice and covered the cake over the top, I then used the black colour pen to draw an outline of the lion’s face. I then made some eyes using a little white regal ice and the black, making a circle with the white and sticking on a small circle of black. Using the rest of the black I rolled out some long thin lengths for the whiskers and mouth, 3 whiskers on each side and 2 lengths for the mouth. The nose is just a ball of black regal ice molded with my fingers to make a basic nose shape, I then stuck them on using some of the fudge filling.

Now for the messy part, I put the ready made choc cream icing in a piping bag and using a large star nozzle I started at the top of the head and worked my way around the head to the bottom in a clockwise direction piping a line of cream icing from the line I drew earlier to the board, and repeating this till the whole cake is covered so the sponge isn’t exposed to the air to go stale.

Unfortunately, because of the type of icing used for the mane, this isn’t the easiest of cakes to cover and is best done the morning of the day it’s needed or the night before.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Lion Cake”

  1. fancy this was my favorite cake and you live just up the road in Lincoln. I intend to make it for my daughter’s 30th birthday!! she will never grow up

  2. this is so cute i am going to try and make it for a little boy in my toddler group he loves to dress up in our lion costume.

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