For this Lion King Birthday Cake, I baked 3 layers in different sizes (12″, 8″ and 6″). Instead of centering the layers on top of each other, I lined them all up so that the waterfall would have more room to look like it was flowing down a hill. I mixed green food dye in cream cheese icing, and iced the whole cake in green.

Then I used green sprinkles all over the cake to make it look more like grass. For the waterfall, I used prepackaged blue fondant (from Michaels) and rolled it flat, then shaped it and laid it down over the layers, spreading it out at the bottom to look like a pool of water. Then I used edible food coloring spray (also from Michaels) in a darker shade of blue, and sprayed streaks on the waterfall to make it look like the water was flowing.

I rolled white fondant with a little bit of blue food dye into uneven shaped balls for the rocks. I also molded the flowers, leaves, and tree stump from fondant. I used toy Lion King characters and lizards/snakes for the final touches.