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Easy Homemade Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake

My 2 year-old granddaughter, LOVES Little Einstein. My daughter and I decided to try to make a Little Einstein Rocket Birthday Cake for her birthday. We researched online and were so excited to find a website with so many wonderful cakes! We chose a few to give us creative ideas and the day before her birthday got started…as you can see the result was our very own ROCKET! The best part was when my little Caroline woke up I carried her into the kitchen and she said “ROCKET, a Rocket Cake”!

The cake was made from a 9-inch round cake pan and a Pampered Chef 2-quart oven proof glass measuring cup. I carved the round cake pan into the oval shape the rocket. Put the top on and we had the shape we wanted. I used two Twinkies that I did cut smaller and two vanilla wafers that I used a serrated knife to carve into the rudders. Used frosting to cover the rudders and then just smoothed with my fingers to have a different texture. I used a lollipop for the top of the Rocket.

The windshields were frosted with a blue gel color from a tube. I thought that might look a little more like a windshield. The toughest part was getting the frosting RED! I started with white buttercream frosting found on your website and used liquid red food coloring to start with a pink base. After using an entire container of Wilton’s “no-taste-red” it still was too pink.

A friend suggested I add some yellow and then use more red. I did and it is the perfect shade of RED! The frosting has no bitter taste thanks to the “no-taste-red”.

Now, we are ready to Blast Off!

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