Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

I made this Little Einsteins Rocket cake for a friend and it turned out really cute and it was fairly simple to make.

I used the 3D Wilton egg pan for the top portion and a Wilton oval pan (10 3/4 x7 7/8 inch).

I used the ready made Wilton frosting and I think it only took 2 jars-buy 3 to be safe. I used a full jar of the no-taste red mixed with a little of the orange color too (to deepen the color) and just a dab of the sky blue Wilton coloring to color the icing.

I trimmed around the top edges of the oval cake to make it more rounded. I first frosted the cake red and left the space open for the blue window, if I ever do it again I will probably do it the other way around.

I piped around the window using #6 tip and used #10 tip to make the yellow lights in the front (I waited a few minutes for the frosting to harden and then smashed them lightly using a paper towel-viva works best because it’s smooth.) I think I used the #10 tip to make the clouds as well.

For the other lines around the rocket I used a wooden skewer to make the indentations.

The Little Einstein people were edible cupcake toppers.

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