I took a lot of the great ideas of a Little Einsteins Rocket Ship Cake from this website and combined them together. I used a sheet cake pan for the cake base (2 boxed cake mixes). I used an oval Pyrex dish for the base of the rocket ship (1 boxed cake mix). I used a round Pyrex bowl for the top of the rocket ship (1 boxed cake mix).

I made my own icing and, for the rocket ship, had to use 3 No-Taste Red gel bottles to get a deep enough “red” color. The icing still tasted great. I used Twinkies for the engines and cut graham crackers at an angle for the fins. I used pull-and-peel licorice to outline the rocket ship. I used hard butterscotch candies for the headlights. I used a lollipop at the top of the ship and colored the stick with red food coloring.

For the faces, I found a picture on the internet, sized it and printed it out. Then I cut out each face individually, spread a little honey on the back and adhered it to the cake. Because it was made of paper, the colors did start to run a little, but it still looked really cute.

I made the cakes a day ahead, wrapped them up and stored them in the fridge. I made both chocolate and yellow cakes to give a variety. I added a small box of pudding mix to the batter to make it more moist. Once the cake was decorated, I stored it in the fridge for a few hours before traveling with it. I used a large Tupperware storage container turned upside down to travel it in. It worked great.

The cake was a huge hit and I was very proud of it!