Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I made the bottom of the Little Mermaid Birthday Cake two layers 20″, used white buttercream frosting, and a combination of green and blue spray mist food coloring. I never used the spray before, but it sure made decorating easier! I took one of my daughter’s used Little Mermaid books, cut out some great illustrations, and then laminated them. I used the laminated characters to decorate the top. I just attached them to toothpicks.

The yellow castle layer is made of 2 6″ cakes. I tinted the white buttercream for this layer, and used yellow mini marshmallows for the top to give it that castle look. I also used a basket tip to add brick looking details on the castle walls. The towers are made of regular ice cream cones, with their bottoms cut off. I secured the bottom of the ice cream cones with toothpicks. The top of the towers are iced sugar cones with blue sugar sprinkles, and mini marshmallows on the top. I used a white large star tip as a border around the towers, and the base of the cake.

The cake board is decorated as a beach with real shells on a bed of light brown sugar.