Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I made this Little Mermaid Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She LOVES The Little Mermaid and had to have a mermaid party. I looked at the Wilton cake pan and didn’t like it. I came and looked on this web site and got TONS of ideas.

I made a buttercream transfer. This is basically using a coloring book picture and putting wax paper over it and then tracing the image. You then need to put the picture in the freezer for at least 90 min. (I put mine in a plastic bag and kept it for 3 days). Then you lay your picture down on the cake and remove the wax paper and you have your image.

I’m not very artistically inclined and this was my first attempt which I thought turned out pretty good. It was easy! Then I used candy melts and a shell mold to make the shells. The sand is brown sugar.

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  1. When you say you traced it, did you trace it with icing and then freeze it? then flip it onto the cake? Brilliant!

  2. Very nice work!
    I have never baked a cake and my daughter is turning 3 next month. I would love to duplicate this cake for her. Can you email me step by step instructions on how to do it. Especially the tracing and transfer of the image. What tools did you use? Thank you.
    God Bless

  3. what type of icings did you use?

    My daughter is turning 5 later this year and wants an Ariel cake, and I found this website with all the ideas, I wanted to try to make my own, being it’s so expensive for a bakery cake. thanks

  4. Great job on your cake!! it looks great! would it be possible to please email me step by step instructions, and also how to transfer the picture to the cake?

    Thank you very much, here’s my e-mail:


  5. What kinds of icings were used? Any better than others?

    I’m going to attempt something similar for my daughter’s 5th Birthday party later this year, thanks for the help

  6. I would like to take all the credit but this website is where the instructions are that I used! Good luck, it really is super easy!

  7. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and nothing but a mermaid cake will do. Your cake looks wonderful and would love to make one for her. Please email me how you traced the cake onto the cake from parchment paper? My email is :

  8. Can u kindly send me the link for this instructions as i would love to do this for my niece birthday next weekend

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