Coolest Little Mermaid Cake

I made this Little Mermaid cake for our daughter’s 6th birthday. This cake was huge! I baked on 9×11 cake, one 8″ round cake and 12 cupcakes. That’s 2 boxes of mix or double a recipe. I also used at least 2 tubs of icing.

The head of the mermaid was the round cake. I tinted the icing to make a skin color. I used taffy for the eyes. I rolled the taffy flat and cut out a circle. I used green because our daughter has green eyes. The eye lashes were piped chocolate frosting. The lips were also from red taffy. Her rosy cheeks came from a dusting of pink sprinkles.

The body was cut from the 9×11. I cut it into 3 “triangles”. Cut the entire 9×11 on a diagonal. Then cut one section into 2 smaller triangles for the torso and fin. I used the skin colored icing and a light green for the tail and bathing suit top.

The cupcakes became the mermaid’s hair. I iced the cupcakes yellow and placed them around the head.

My biggest problem was what to put the cake on. I didn’t have a tray big enough. I had to use to pans put together and cover them with paper. But my daughter loved it!