Coolest Little Mermaid Cake

My little niece loves all the characters from Little Mermaid so I made this Little Mermaid cake to incorporate all the characters that came in the Disney gift pack that I bought her for her birthday.

I made a 8 by 12 cake and an 8 by 8 sandwich and layered and covered them in blue icing. I then used blue buttercream for the water. I placed Eric and the dog on the top of the cake on a raft, and Ariel, Flounder and Sabastian on the next level and Ursula and Triton on the board.

I though I would try a back ground, so I printed a sky scene and glued it onto a sheet of plastic. I piped around the sky scene to tie it into the cake. Then placed it onto the cake using dowels for support. The kids and family loved it.

6 thoughts on “Coolest Little Mermaid Cake”

  1. I love this cake also and we’re having a princess splash party for my daughter’s first b-day. What did you use to decorate the sides?

  2. That is a beautiful Ariel cake great job, I love all the details. I had a friend who just asked me to make a Ariel cake so I looked on internet and seen many but I fallen love with yours so I’m going to make this for her. How did it feed???

  3. this cake is awesome! i love it! what did you make the raft out of and how did you get the sky scene behind Ariel as well?

  4. i love this cake, its awesome!! what did you use to make the raft? and how did you get the sky scene behind Ariel? also what did you use for the decorations on the side of the cake?

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