Coolest Little Mermaid Cake

I baked this Little Mermaid cake in a Longaberger batter bowl. I added a cupcake on the side (cut a little to fit with the cake) to give me a place for the 3 and to take away from the “dress” look. I took the legs of the doll (and they won’t go back on!!I think I’ll super glue them and put the tail skirt back on and hope my 3 year old doesn’t notice!!)

I mixed a little cocoa powder with white frosting to get a sandy color and used it to frost the whole thing. Then piped some blue to look like waves. I added fish suckers from Dollar Tree (cut off sticks).

I cut laffy taffy in skinny strips to look like coral. I added giant runt candy to be rocks. I have a candy mold and made the name and 3. The Flounder is a foamie sticker. That and the doll head is the only things not edible.

I drew the tail with a tooth pink then filled in with star tip.

I am very pleased with this cake. I had to stop adding candy or it would have been too much.

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