Coolest Little Pet Shop Monkey Birthday Cake

My granddaughter is enthralled with Little Pet Shop critters. She asked me to bake a cake in the shape of one of the monkeys and provided me with 2″ round stickers to pick from.

Based on a 2″ round ‘girl’ monkey sticker, I created the cake from two 10″ round pans and two round muffin-type small pans, cutting all to level.

After a crumbcoat set, I used a toothpick to draw the outlines I could distinguish from the tiny sticker. Using chocolate and colored white buttercream, the star effect was an easy fill for the large areas and a zigzag motion made short work of the edges. Overpiping string work created the mouth, the details on the bow, the star- shaped tip for the eyelashes and, finally, the ear swirls.

The cake traveled well to the skating rink for her birthday party.