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Coolest Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted her favorite Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake to star on her birthday this year.

I baked two 9×13 cake layers. The frosting is buttercream tinted green for the grass and pink for the writing and border.

The house is made from graham cracker squares covered in melted Almond Bark coating which I tinted pink and blue. I used more melted coating as “cement” to hold the squared together in a house shape and also to make the windows, drapes, and door. The coating dries quickly and quite firm so use a lot and don’t mind overflow or large lumps. You can simply carve away what you don’t want and smooth edges with a paring knife.

The decorations on the house are mini M&M’s and Nerds. The path is a rainbow sour strip.

The pond and bushes are made of Almond bark coating also. I drew the shapes I wanted on a piece of paper. On waxed paper placed over the drawings, I piped and filled in the shapes and let them harden in the refrigerator. There are Swedish fish on the pond.

The base of the slide is a graham cracker. The slide is made from stacked marshmallows held together with melted coating (this stuff makes great “glue”!) I stuck a couple of chocolate coated pretzels on the side of the marshmallows and, the slide itself is a rainbow sour strip.

The flowers on the side of the cake are flattened gum drops snipped with scissors to form petals.

My daughter and friends loved the cake!

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  1. I love the gumdrop flowers! I’m making a LPS cake for my daughter’s bday this weekend and I wanted some inspiration…. this cake is great!


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