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Coolest Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake

For her 7th birthday, my daughter Kaylie wanted a homemade Littlest Pet Shop birthday cake. Since there are no LPS cake pans out there, I knew I would have to get a little creative.

Since her birthday is in April, I wanted to do a bright, spring setting with LPS figures and birthday props. I decided on a meadow scene with a pine forest as well. I started with a 16-inch cake pan that required two boxed funfetti cake mixes. I also baked a chocolate cake in a 12-inch pan. I cut the 12-inch cake in half diagonally to use as the raised wood area.

After I placed the chocolate cake on the 16-inch cake, I roughed up the front edge. I then iced the entire funfetti part of the cake with green icing and the chocolate cake with brown icing. I used a butter knife to outline a creek, scraped away some of the icing from that area, and then re-iced it with blue tinted icing with a blue gel icing on top of that to look like water.

I crushed chocolate graham crackers to use on the forest area. The pine trees are ice cream cones iced with green icing and then I used a fork to pull out the branches. The mushrooms are red Starburst candies slightly warmed, shaped in a ball, and then stuck on top a small marshmallow with a bit of icing.

I used a grass tip to put grass over the entire meadow and then I placed flower shaped sprinkles on the grass. I also used some chewy rock candy for decoration. Last, I placed the LPS characters with the birthday goodies. My daughter loved her homemade Littlest Pet Shop birthday cake, so that was good for me!

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