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Coolest Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Cake Idea for my daughter Hailey’s 6th birthday party. I got some of the ideas from cakecentral site, and mixed them together to make my own. The cake is 2 chocolate 8×8 square cakes put together with a classic white icing. I crumb coated it and stuck in freezer for about 30 mins, so the next coat of icing will cover the crumbs.

Then I finished covering it with more icing and stuck back in freezer for another 30 mins. I used a grass tip #233 for all the grass on the cake. The bunny has a garden spot made of crushed Oreo cookies. The pig has a chocolate fudge icing mud pile to play in. I just put some icing on the pig to make it look like it had been playing in some mud. The lizard is relaxing in the pool which was a small play bowl from my girls kitchen play stuff, and I used brown sugar to put all around pool to look like sand.

The wagon was from another set of toys. I used a writing tip for the name. And star tip for the border. My daughter LOVED it. I made a bunch of different kinds of cupcakes to match it. Some of the cupcakes were strawberry with mini chocolate chips baked in them. Some were chocolate cupcakes with buttercream filling and topped with buttercream icing.

I had made a practice cake a week before the birthday, it made it so much easier for me on the day I actually made the cake because I had an idea on how I wanted it made.

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