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Coolest Littlest Pet Shop Cake 22 – A Day at the Beach

My daughter is a huge LPS fan so it was only logical that we would make (yet another) Littlest Pet Shop Cake – A Day at the Beach for her birthday.

This time I made 2 round cakes (1 bigger than the other). It took 3 packets of Greens cake mix to make the 2 cakes. I then placed the smaller of the two cakes on top to use it as a guide so I could remove the section of the bottom cake that I would later fill with Jelly.

I then mixed the fondant with blue and green food colouring to get the colour I wanted for the water (making enough to cover both cakes). I used apricot jam to stick the fondant to the cake. I then placed blue fondant over the bottom cake and filled in the area I had cut out for the jelly. This just gives the jelly section a nicer finish rather than having cake crumbs through your jelly.

I then cut out a section of the top cake to be the sea and again covered the cake with the blue including the cutout section. Make sure you leave the “beach” section uncovered as you can then use yellow covered fondant for this piece. You can then use apricot jam to attach the top cake to the bottom cake.

I mixed up some green butter icing and piped on the sea weed. I used white icing (just icing and water) to make the wave effect and the fish bubbles. I also used fluro gel pens for the other seaweed.

I then mixed some of the white icing with yellow food colouring to spread over the beach section then sprinkled this with yellow sprinkles to give the grainy beach effect. I also made the beach towel out of fondant and just lay it on top of the beach. The small fish and penguins I brought from the local candy store.

Finally I placed some of my daughters LPS animals and accessories along with a toy palm tree we had to give the final effect. The one mistake I made with this cake was to put blue Candy floss on the plate to make it look like more sea – although it looks good in the photo by the time the kids came to eat the cake the Candy floss had crystallized in the air and there was only a few scraps left. Still looked okay but not the effect I was looking for.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Littlest Pet Shop Cake 22 – A Day at the Beach”

  1. my daughter loves lps..has over 4000 pieces and we where looking at all the ideas on the cakes….our favorite is this one.. way to go..

  2. My youngest daughter is Little Pet Shop mad! I hate think how many hundreds of them she has and it would have to be the longest fad she has had. Last year for her eighth birthday after she searched the net she found a three tier LPS cake and I was up all night constructing and decorating it before transporting it to the party venue the next day (I might add, we were going overseas the following day so I really could have done without it but it was the first cake she had ever requested. Now to top that this year she wants a beach scene and someone suggested the blue jelly so looks like I will go with this one. Looks great and I know she will love it!


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