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Coolest Littlest PetShop Birthday Cake

A few days before making the Littlest PetShop Birthday Cake, I made all of the flowers and leaves that would be attached to the cake with Royal Icing, recipe from Wilton.com, and let air dry. Be VERY careful when removing the flowers from the wax paper, it’s best to peel the wax paper away from the flower rather than the flower away from the wax paper.

The cake was made using a 16inch round cake pan. I had drawn out the horse on big paper, and cut it out. Attached it to the cake using toothpicks the cut around the paper. The frosting used is buttercream frosting, and it’s all hand drawn on using the frosting. Flowers should be attached by putting a dab of royal icing on the back and placing it on the cake. The writing is written in Royal Icing.

This cake was to feed about 35 guests.