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Coolest Lizard Chamelian Cake

My daughter had a ‘Creepy Crawly’ party. Someone came from Really Wild Enterprises and bought Spiders, Giant Land snails, etc, so I thought what better than an appropriate cake! I made a Lizard Chamelian Cake.

First I made a 12″ square cake coloured green!

Once cool I cut down about 5 inch in. I then sandwiched the smaller piece on top of the larger with jam.

Next I started carving to get a round head and body shape and part of the tail (the main in icing). Once I had the shape I covered with butter icing and then pale blue sugar paste. You might find it easier to do this in 2 parts which is fine if you make the seam over the centre of the body as this will be covered with scales. I then fixed the tail made of icing, so the seam can be covered with scales.

Once happy I rolled out colours for scales and with a round cutter cut out. I fixed these with water, starting tail end working my way up. Next I fixed eyes, lips, tongue etc. Down the back is just balls of icing and silver balls, fixed with water.

I rolled toes and added these to the board, don’t fix yet as you may need to reposition. The legs I rolled icing into different sizes and colours and fixed then with water. Position them right and they wont collapse!

Add any finishing touches you want, I added a fly near his tongue and one on the number 9.

Change the colours ideas. Be Creative!

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