Coolest Log Truck Birthday Cake

We made a log truck birthday cake for our son’s third birthday. My husband builds truck trailers so it has all the right bits! We baked a large sheet cake cut it to create the cab and deck and then used butter icing to cover.

The grill and headache frame are wafer biscuits. the smoke stacks are licorice sticks with chocolate in the middle trimmed. Red licorice and white chocolate sticks are the bolsters. We used a combination of flake bars and chocolate finger biscuits for the logs. We used strap licorice to outline the doors, tie downs for the logs, add mirrors, windscreen wipers and air horns.

We pipped on the fuel tanks. Hard jubes for the lights and jellybeans cut in half for tail lights. The wheels are chocolate mint biscuits with a circle cut out of the middle.

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  1. Hello,
    Exactly what I was looking for – needed a new idea for this Christmas as it will be different for us. Thanks for sharing, am bookmarking so I can find it and practice before the “big week”.


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