Coolest Lone Star Beer Cake

This was for a slide show party I hosted with friends from college and just thought that our favorite beer from the time was appropriate. I used a casserole dish as the pan and the shape was just perfect as it bowed a little on the sides.

The same shape can probably be achieved with 2 9in squares cut down. I used some piping to outline parts of the cake and then varied the size of the star tips for different parts. I used a star tip to write “Lone Star” to give it more heft (I’m a little low on supplies). I like details so I starred the small type and what should be the shape of Texas next to the mail label.

I used store-bought Wilton colors for the blue and red as I just couldn’t get them on my own, and I really liked the vividness of each one. Overall, huge hit and just took a little internet research as this can is no longer in circulation.