Coolest Louis Vuitton Cake

This Louis Vuitton cake was made for my sister-in-law on her 27th birthday. This was fairly simple to make; the fondant was the most time-consuming part of the whole ordeal but well worth it!

This is a standard yellow cake recipe that made two 13×9 cakes. Once cooked and fully cooled, I cut each 13×9 in half to end up with four 6 1/2×9 cakes. I leveled them all off and then stacked them up. I carved it to the purse shape, covered with plastic wrap and placed in the fridge overnight.

The frosting was a Wilton buttercream icing mix. The rest of the decor is fondant. This was my first time using fondant and I have to say, it was pretty fun to work with! I used another Wilton product for the fondant. I have found some great make-it-yourself fondant recipes but was a little nervous to attempt that this early in the game!

All in all, I loved making this cake but loved presenting it to my sister-in-law even more!

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  1. Wow!! I can’t beleive that was your first time making that! I want to attempt making it too for my daughter who is 24 yrs old but I never worked with fondant either lol!! I don’t know if I can do it! Your cake came out soooo good!! I bet she loved it!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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