Coolest Louis Vuitton Cake

I asked a friend if she wanted me to make her birthday cake for her 50th and she agreed. I wanted to make something special so because she owned a bag shop I thought of making her a Louis Vuitton Cake.

I started by making a simple mud cake and I baked it in a large lasagna (metal) dish as I needed it to be large so once it was ready I cut it in half and stuck it together with chocolate ganache( dark chocolate and cream) and stood it upright.

Then I covered it with more ganache so the roll out icing sticks to it.

I bought some ready to roll chocolate fondant from the cake decorating store and rolled it out to cover the cake. I also bought some white fondant and coloured it with food colouring to make all the bits and pieces.

I did the LV and all the others free hand and used things I had in cupboard to use as square and round cut outs.

If you can get your hand on a fushcia cutter, that’s whats needed to do the flower bits. All the pieces where made a day ahead so they can be dried hard and easier to stick to the cake which I used chocolate ganach as glue.

The handles were made from fondant rolled out to shape a handle and I inserted a straw like type (slightly harder) through it and stuck it in the cake so it stays in place.

The zip was made also from fondant and I bought gold colouring powder which I mixed with a drop of vodka to make it like paint and I painted the zip after I put some cuts to make it form a zip like look.

The stud and rings around handles were also painted gold to give it more realistic look.

Next time I will definitely get the fuchsia cutter as it would have made my life easier during this process.

The recipe look was made of white fondant and I placed pencils and other items under it so it looks creased and let it dry like that. I put her birth date as the day she bought the bag and the price as her year of birth. i wrote all think with black frosting.

She absolutely loved it but it was hard work for first attempt.

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