Cool Homemade Louis Vuitton Cake

That Louis Vuitton cake is made with vanilla and cherry sponge-cake with vanilla and Bailey’s creams. I’ve also put two layers of cherries to make the cake less sweet. As it was made for my dearest sister’s 30th birthday, I’ve decided to add also her lovely Shih-Tzu head. It was made from melted marshmallows mixed with icing powder but other features was made from fondant.

I have to admit that fondant made by Wilton is a sight better than one I’ve made myself. Not even in taste but it’s much more flexible. Anyone have got any ideas how make a real good fondant?

It took me about 8 hours to make the cake look like this (of course without baking time). It isn’t really the best what I can show. I’ve finished this cake at 4.20 a.m. It is not the best time after a really busy day so I’m glad that the cake does not look so bad.

I hope you guys like it and please leave comments and critics.

Homemade Louis Vuitton Cake

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