Coolest Louis Vuitton Purse Cake I Can Afford

Well my stepdaughter only likes expensive purses, and I sure could not afford to buy her one so I decided to make her one. It was a lot of fun, first cake purse I ever made so am feeling pretty good about the way it came out. She absolutely loved it and so did all her friends.

I made it out of a 9 by 13 cake, chocolate. Then I cut the rounded shape from the middle of it, left the ends of both flat from the pan. Froze them. Then I buttercreamed them together and held them in place with plastic straws cut to go through both cakes but not stick out. Then buttercreamed the whole cake, front, sides and top very smooth.

Laid brown fondant over the whole cake, cut the bottom peach color pieces to scoop a little and come to points on the sides. Cut two pieces to fit the bottom sides. Then rolled thin robes to put like the seams on them. Flatten a long rope for the zipper and also the same idea for the handles.

Took copper dust and painted the L and V on with that, and used my little flower maker for fondant and pushed the flower design on it. It was a lot of fun. Total time was about 2hours just on the cake.

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