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Coolest LPS Theme Birthday Cake

This Homemade LPS Theme Birthday Cake is my first time doing a 2 tier cake, I wasn’t expecting it to turn out this big! So I suggest if its for less then 10 kids don’t make 2 tiers. This could probably feed like 30 people. I made this cake for a girl that is turning 8 yrs old.

This is a Chocolate Cake with mint icing. So I put a whipped cream filling in between the layers. I did 2 – 6″ pans, and 2 – 8″ pans to create the height. After assembling the 2 tiers, I applied a crumb coat layer on the cake, stuck in the fridge for 10 mins, applied a purple icing layer on top. I then sealed it in a air tight container and left in fridge overnight to keep the moisture in.

Next day I applied another coat of purple icing on and smoothed out as much as possible (wasn’t easy!). Then I did a hot pink to match the theme of LPS and used a large star shape tip to do the pink star trims. After I used sky blue to create a baby blue to use for the paw prints & the lettering I used a small circle tip. I then used a tip with a bunch of holes that helps resemble grass, with green icing.

Her parents provided the lil toppers for this cake, which you can easily buy at any store that has toys!

Homemade LPS Theme Birthday Cake

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