This Luau birthday cake was inspired by a cake submitted on this site by Becky Z.

of North Miami, FL. I used some elements from her cake to create this birthday cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday which had a “tiki/luau” theme.

I used a 1/2 sheet cake, frosted it the blue very loosely to make it look like waves. Created fondant flowers about a week before the cake (took that long for them to dry hard) out of pre-colored rolled fondant found at Michaels. Used a flower cutter and formed them in a curve by putting them into old plastic Easter egg shell halves and just left them to dry until hard. Add them around the perimeter of the cake along with some piping to finish the look.

I made the tiki hut out of tooth picks and a butter container (upside down) then colored it brown with paint. Ordered hula plastic surfers and girls online along with the palm trees, etc. The island was another round cake that I trimmed to be rounded and frosted in fudge and added crushed nuts to look kind of like sand.