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Coolest Luau Birthday Cake Design

My granddaughter wanted to have a Luau Birthday party and asked me if I would make her a homemade Luau birthday cake design. This is what I came up with.

I made a half sheet cake. I covered it with butter cream frosting tinted blue. I didn’t have to smooth it out because it was to represent blue wavy water. I sprinkled some crushed Sandies shortcake cookies on it to represent the sand. I made a palm tree using a 12” cinnamon stick for the trunk and made leaves out of green fondant.

I attached the fondant to florist wire using royal icing. Left them dry and then attached them to the tree trunk using royal icing. You will need a base to hold the tree because it is top heavy. I used a little soft cream cheese container. Slit a hole in the lid. Put the trunk through.

I filled the container with pennies and stuck the trunk down in the pennies. Closed the lid. Covered the container with foil. Made a hole in the cake to sit the container down in and then iced over the container and added the cookie sand on top.

I made the tropical flowers out of bright colored fondant and shaped them over plastic Easter eggs (a tip from another cake decorator on this site) let them dry for a couple days and then placed them on the cake just a few hours before the party. Otherwise, they will soften from the moisture of the cake and lose their shape. I made assorted seashells using candy molds. I simply melted white chocolate disks.

I added a couple pink disks to some of it and also some butterscotch disks to some to paint the inside of molds before adding the white chocolate. This made them look more realistic. In fact, someone thought they were real seashells.

I bought a Polynesian Barbie doll for on top because my granddaughter loves Barbie dolls. Added some flip flop candles and a tiki cup candle. Wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ in Hawaiian and that completed the homemade Luau birthday cake design. It was a big hit with my granddaughter and her party guests.

Coolest Luau Birthday Cake Design

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