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Cool Homemade Luau Pig Cake

I made this Luau Pig Cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday party and the theme was Hawaiian Luau. Living in Hawaii for many years I wanted to go with a more traditional luau item such as the pig and decided to create the cake around that idea. We also made a lei out of cupcakes to go with it.

For the pigs face bake a cake in an 8in Pyrex oven safe bowl, you will need to cut off the bottom quarter once baked. I used two 9in cake pans and rounded the edges for the middle section. For the snout and legs I used a cookie cutter and cut into a 2in thick cake.

The icing is a homemade whipped icing with brown gel coloring. I toasted coconuts and adding the brown gel coloring to them as well to give it the luau roasted appearance. Garnish with a lei and a strawberry or apple piece to make it perfect!

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