For my daughters second birthday I created a luau theme. Kind of last minute, she asked for a Spongebob cake, so I had to got creative and found a way to make a black and yellow homemade Luau Spongebob birthday cake fit in.

This is the cake I came up with! I decided to make a basic round two layered 10-inch cake and decorate it to fit our needs. I made butter cream frosting and just used different color dyes. I made the border a neon pink to give it a more festive feel. After practicing a ton on paper, I bravely drew on the face with black decorating gel (the eyes and teeth were piped on and smoothed out, and then outlined in black).

Lastly, I added a couple hibiscus flower toothpicks I found at a local party store. It turned out great and was a big hit with my daughter and the guests. It actually turned out to be fairly simple to make too.