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Coolest Lucky Cat Birthday Cake

I made this lucky cat birthday cake for my husband’s birthday. He likes cats, but I wanted something unique and more masculine and adult than most cat cakes. I used the Betty Crocker Halloween Black Cat cake pattern as a starting point, but I cut the tail into two front paws and used the ear pieces for back paws. I made a yellow cake mix in two 9″ round layer pans and for ears I used two cupcakes I had previously baked and frozen. This also could have been done by baking two layers and a batch of cupcakes. Leftover cupcakes freeze well and are handy to have!

I made an extra large batch of white icing, reserving about 2/3 of a cup to color red and another 2/3 cup to color black. I had never made a cake by cutting and pasting before and I was genuinely surprised that I cut the pieces so well free-hand! I shaped the pieces to better fit together by shaving them a bit with a bread knife and “glued” them together with the icing.

I had initially thought I made an inordinately large amount of frosting, but as I went I realized I was using a ton of it for “plastic surgery” on my cat. I still wound up with quite a bit leftover when I was finished. Icing also keeps quite nicely in the freezer and it’s nice to have some left for the next birthday.

Once my cat was assembled and frosted, I decorated it with red ears, black outlining and red toe pads on the paws. I also added the traditional red collar. Then I looked up ‘happy birthday’ in Japanese characters and discovered it wouldn’t all fit, so I just piped in ‘birthday’ on my cat’s tummy where a Lucky Cat would normally be holding a coin.

My husband loved the cake and thanked me many times, even the next day. The kids all thought it was really cool, too!

Homemade Lucky Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade Lucky Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade Lucky Cat Birthday Cake

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