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Coolest Mack the Truck Birthday Cake

Well the request from my son this year was a homemade ‘Mack the Truck birthday cake – please Mummy!’

We baked 2 large chocolate cakes using a lined roasting pan as the tin. Once cooled we cut the cake in half length ways then spread a bit of fruit jam to help the stacks stick. It was four layers high.

I made all the details out of fondant. The wheels are cookies covered in fondant. Hubcaps are silver cachous pressed in to fondant while still soft. It is easier to stick the fondant to the main frosting when it has hardened a bit. I also brought all my fondants pre-made and coloured and use a gel colouring (not normal food dye) for making the butter frosting red as it gives you a proper vivid red.

The peak of his cap was fondant wrapped over a plastic template we made out of an ice-cream container lid to make it stiff. We carved into the cake a bit so the wheels would sit in level with sides of the cake. The frosting was about three to four thin layers and we put the homemade Mack the Truck birthday cake in the fridge after each layer to set it (so the next layer was easier to spread on).

The number is a three as it was for his third birthday :)

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