I made this Mack the Truck Birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I used some of the ideas from the cakes previously posted here. I baked two 9 x 13 pans cakes (one chocolate and one vanilla) and two loaf pans (one chocolate and one vanilla).

I cut the 9 x 13 pan cakes in half and stacked them, alternating flavours and using icing in between layers to help glue them together. Then I cut the loaf pans and assembled the truck part and Mack’s hat. For this part I actually used an image of Mack from a toy to try and create the cab. I used chocolate chips for his eyes and peppermint patties for the wheels. I cut out “wheel wells” so the peppermint patties would sit under the cake because the cake was too heavy to raise.

I printed off pictures from the web for the Rusteeze logos (using photo paper) and used icing to glue them to the cake. I used straws covered in grey icing for the smoke stacks. The rest I decorated with tinted icing.