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Coolest Mack Truck from Cars Cake

For this cake we used 2 – 9×13 cakes (1 chocolate, 1 white – both Wilton recipes) to make the truck and trailer. We cut them in half lengthwise and stacked three for the trailer. We then cut the remaining half in half; we left one half and cut the other half in half again; stacking the two smaller pieces on the largest for the cab. We elevated the cakes with covered 1x4s.

We iced the cake using white buttercream (Wilton recipe). To avoid the bitter red icing but still get a true red truck, we covered the cake in red fruit leather strips. Marshmallow pinwheels for tires. M&M eyes. Oreo straws for stacks. The fruit strips were really easy to work with and very forgiving if torn. I was worried about not being able to cut them but they cut well with a serrated blade.

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  1. This is so cute and clever!! You did an excellent job, darling. Let me know when you have more for me to see. My granddaughter, Ramey, that lives in Gatesville also decorates cakes for a side business. Good luck and keep me in mind.


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