Coolest Mail Truck Birthday Cake

I made this Mail Truck Birthday Cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. He loves watching for the mail truck on our street, as well as seeing them on the roads when we are out around town. I couldn’t find much inspiration for mail truck cakes anywhere online, so hopefully, my submission here will help someone else out.

I baked a 9×13 yellow cake (Betty Crocker’s Bonnie Butter Cake recipe), removed it from the pan and frosted it with vanilla butter frosting as the basis. Chocolate butter frosting was used for the lettering. The rest of the decorating was done using candies. I drew up a sketch on 8.5×11 paper of a mail truck and referred to that in figuring out what size my licorice pieces needed to be. The black outlines and bumpers were licorice laces, cut to size.

The red and blue stripes were licorice ropes, sliced down the middle to make them narrower. The same (full width) blue ropes were cut into 1/8 inch pieces and after tracing the outline lightly in the frosting with a toothpick, I placed each for the postal logo (like a mosaic) using tweezers. The wheels were pre-made (from a local bulk candy store) licorice swirls secured with a toothpick in the middle of each, though you could use chocolate cookies instead. I trimmed some larger, flat green butterfly gummy candies and added those as ‘windows’. The flashing lights toward front and rear of the vehicle (red and yellow) were M&M’s.

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