Coolest Make Up Bag Cake

My 6 year old is Hannah Montana crazy and I really wanted to make a cake for her birthday. I finally decided on a make up bag cake – which I could customize to Hannah Montana with her ‘logo’.

I baked a normal round double cake. Using plastic icing I made a large pink sheet which I draped around the cake to simulate a make-up bag shape. Using white I made a long twisted string +which I stuck into holes to simulate the draw string.

I used various colors of plastic icing to create eye pencils, brushes and various other make up items. It would be best to make these at least a day before assembling as mine weren’t quite dry and especially the eye pencils bent slightly. This is the fun bit as you can go wild with colors and imagination making all the bits of make-up.

Then copying the name logo of a pack of cards I used the plastic icing to spell out the letters of her name and put them on a separate board with a picture of Hannah Montana. I used silver balls to simulate the ‘lights’ in the word Hannah.

My daughter was delighted! And every girl at the party,especially delighted in picking their make-up item.

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