Coolest Make Up Table Cake

Looks complicated but it is simple. This make up table cake is a 4 layer jelly roll cake. I built a wood platform with gorilla glue and a plywood board (13x 18 the size of a cake board that I bought at AC MOORE) and glued legs on them. Total cost less then 10 dollars. This gave it the desk look.

The icing was wood (chocolate icing) with “planks”, butter knife run through the icing in 3-4 inch intervals. I melted chocolate but not completely. There were tiny specks of chocolate in the icing in plain butter creme icing so that it gave it a grainy look that wood has.

Lipsticks and nailpolish were made out of gum paste and Wilton food coloring. A color, a yellow band of gumpaste and then a black bottom for the lipstick, top for the nailpolish.

I used a disposable mascara brush from a department store (non used) for the mascara and the mascara bottle was gumpaste. So were the eyeliner.

The hair brush was a an iced cookie and a long round cookie that was iced. I tnen used the plastic stamen from a craft store and glued into place with gumpaste. The only thing inedible on the cake was the mascara wand and the bristles on the hairbrush.

Finally the make up pots were white chocolate molt icing molded into the little condiment cups with a variety of sparkley gel and edible glitter.

The mirror was made of white chocolate molded into a plate covered with edible silver foil found at your local Indian store for 5 bucks for 10 sheets. I used 7.

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