Coolest Makeup Bag Cake

I made an assortment of makeup the day before from rolled fondant and the following day I made a round sponge cake. Then smoothed buttercrean in the middle and over the outside. I then measured the cake and rolled a long piece of fondant to fit the diameter of the cake and slightly wider than the depth of the cake. Once that is done it was time to use a ruler to make a criss cross design and then rolled the fondant carefully and wrapped it around the cake, I then arranged the makeup inside and also used a few balls of spare fondant to pad the folds out. Then using the end of a small paint brush I poked a small hole at interval around the cake for the string which is made out of fondant as well, these were made by cutting thin strips and twisting them and poking the ends into the holes you can use a dab of water or edible glue.

My 14 year old daughter was very pleased with her Makeup Bag Cake and I was too.