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Coolest Manchester United Football Birthday Cake

I had to make a cake for nephew’s 8th birthday and wanted something easy as I was very busy with work, so I decided to make a Manchester United football birthday cake as he is a fan.

Making the Manchester United Football Birthday Cake

  • I made two sponge cakes, one ten inch round one and the other I made out of a basin.
  • I purchased a red 12 inch board and a few rice cake stickers of ManU log .
  • I added jam and creamed the bottom cake and then covered it in green icing.
  • I cut out and jammed the centre of the pudding basin cake and trimmed it to shape.
  • I covered the basun cake with buttercream and set it in the centre of green iced cake.
  • Then, using a hexagon cutter, I cut out white and black shapes and covered the ball shape using alternate colours to make it look like a football.
  • I made grass from a garlic press and pasted it around the ball.
  • I then added the rice cake stickers on the ball and some on the side of the cake along with a few stars.
  • I even added a few chocolate footballs on to board just to enhance the effect.
  • I finished off the cake by placing a boy football player on the top.
  • I made the player with dirty knees and face.
  • I added eight red and white candles.

There you go – a Manchester United 8th Birthday Football Cake that was enjoyed by all.