I made this Mario Kart cake for my best friend’s son. He is a huge Mario fan. She told me ideas she had for it and I got to work.

The sides of the cake are finished with MMF (marshmallow fondant) to look like a checkered flag.  Adding each square was the most time consuming detail of the cake. The cake is iced with butter cream and is a half sheet, half chocolate and half vanilla. I made the track, pond, shell and banana out of MMF as well. She bought the karts and gave them to me to put on the cake.

I loved creating the scene for the race. I am a huge Mario fan as well. I painted some spots on the track with a little bit a black icing color, to look like oil on the track. The birthday boy loved the cake and everyone was happy. I would make another one again in a heartbeat!  So much fun!