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Coolest Mascot Graduation Cake

I made this Mascot Graduation Cake for my Grandson’s High school graduation. It is one of three that I made for this event. It is a white cake with white chocolate ganache filling. It is frosted with Italian butter creme frosting. It is made from 2- 10″ round cakes.

The characters are made from homemade gumpaste. They are the Mascots of all the conference teams that they played. The top one is the Cougar which is the Mascot of the school he was in. Their team placed top in the conference. So the Cougar got to go on top. The saying in the middle is a chant that the team does when they get a win. They got to say the chant quite often this year.

The stairs are made of rice krispy treats covered with frosting and fondant. He really liked the way the cake turned out and so did everyone at the party. I was very proud that he graduated and I was honored that he asked me to make his cake.

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