Coolest Masquerade Ball Cake

This Homemade Masquerade Ball Cake was a special cake for a birthday party that had a masquerade ball theme. It looks complicated but is very simple. The bottom cake is commer shaped and has a round cake on the top. I used dark blue paste on the bottom and sprayed it with blue metallic edible spray. I then cut out loads of diamond shapes in different colours and then stuck them around the bottom tier. I glued an edible gold ball at each point.

On the top cake I stuck coloured stripes. I made a couple of masks using sticky back glitter paper with some feathers. The whole thing was quite simple but very effective.

Homemade Masquerade Ball Cake

Homemade Masquerade Ball Cake

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  1. from what I remember (it was a while ago) I had a sheet of glittery foam which I cut out the mask shape. I got this from a craft shop, I pierced a hole each side and attached a piece of string and tied them together which pulled the masked together to make the rounded shape and I glued on some feathers and for trimming I tied some strands of ribbon which hung over the edge. Hope this helps

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