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Coolest Masters Jacket Cake

I made this Master’s jacket golf cake for my boss’s 50th Birthday.  I only saw a few examples/images online so had to do a lot of it just from imagination.

The buttons were made from gum paste and I attempted to etch the Master’s Logo on each with a toothpick just like the real thing.  It gave the effect I was looking for but they definitely would not pass any geography class!  Then I painted each button with equal parts gold luster dust and pure lemon extract.

The green color of the jacket was made by combining kelley green and a little brown wilton gel color.  It took about 6 lbs of fondant to cover it and create the sleeves and lapels.  One tip: make sure you make enough fondant because once the color has been created, it is difficult to duplicate exactly.

For the Master’s Logo I cut a circle out of gum paste and painted it with black luster dust combined with equal parts pure lemon extract and then piped the US map and flag using colored icing.  I made the grass using Wilton #233 piping tip.  The golf ball and tees are real…sorry, just couldn’t do it all :)

Coolest Masters Jacket Cake

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